Summer Break

The BC Songwriters’ Showcase & Open Mic performances
are taking a break for the Summer.

Closed for Summer -

Our board has decided to take our first ever, Summer break, in over 20 years. 

In previous years we’ve noted July/August attendance (for both musicians & audience) are extremely low, or next to nothing.   

Other groups have suggested a short hiatus, as they’ve found this works in everyone’s best interest.   

We’ve decided to give it a try.   


 There will NOT be any BC Songwriter Showcases or Open Mic performances in July & August of 2018.


We will resume with “music as usual”

        Wednesday, September 5, 2018.


On behalf of the BCSSA board, we wish you an amazing summer with your family & friends. 

We especially look forward to being surprised with those ‘new tunes’ you promised yourself to write!!   

Have a great Summer, and see you September 5th!