A constantly evolving list of names and web links of Songwriters and Groups featured in the BC Songwriters’ Showcase Association’s Songwriter Showcases (in the past few years)

 – Performers are listed alphabetically by first name –

Alice Lyons

web: http://www.reverbnation.com/alicelyons

Alyssa Baker

web: http://www.AlyssaBakerMusic.com/

Andre Chrys

web: http://AndreChrys.com

Angela Harris

web: http://AngelaHarris.net/

Ashley Pater

web: http://AshleyPater.com

Blue Voodoo Band

web: http://www.thebluevoodoo.com/

Brad Darrid

web: http://www.braddarrid.com/

Britt Bonshor

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/BrittBonshor

Bruce W. Rudolph

web: http://brucewrudolph.bandcamp.com/

Caroline Christie


Conrad Gregoire


Cornel Dyke


Cory Hawthorne

web: http://coryhawthorne.com/

Craig Allen Olson

web: http://www.thepopjunkies.com/

Dale Sawatzky


Dan Beer web: http://www.theseabillys.com
Darcy Heartless

web: http://www.reverbnation.com/darcyheartless

Dave Mercer


David Borys

web: http://www.DavidBorys.com/

David Morin

web: http://www.DavidMorinMusic.com/

Donna Armstrong


Delaney Rose

web: http://www.DelaneyRose.com/

Earl Travis Taylor

web: http://EarlTravisTaylor.com


web: http://eleanorrising.webs.com/

Emma Toth

web: http://www.emmatoth.com/

The Flying Ritas


Glen Mager


Happy 2B Hear

web: http://www.happy2bhear.com/

Heaven’s Trailer Park

web: http://heavenstrailerpark.com/

Ivan Boudreau

web: http://www.ivanboudreau.com/

Jake Jensen


Jamie Zago

web: http://myspace.com/jamie.zago

JD Miner & The Panhandlers

web: http://www.jdminer.com/

Joey Mullins


Karen Fowlie

web: http://karenfowlie.com

Karen & Mark Humpage


Ken McCoy

web: http://www.kenmccoyband.com/

Kenny Buston

web: http://myspace.com/kennybuston

KerryLee Manuel

web: http://www.reverbnation.com/kerrylee

Laine Henderson


Lisa Nicole

web: http://lisanicolemusic.com/

Lotus Band

web: http://lotusbc.com/

Mark Andrie


Mike Sheeshka

web: http://www.mikesheeshka.com/


YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_NEIBygBRgUqm2JyhUXi2g

Patricia Dunphy


Patsy Thompson

web: http://www.patsythompsonmusic.com/

Ranj Singh

web: http://www.ranjsingh.com/


web: http://soundcloud.com/rayneman-indie-warhol-ep

Robert Harvey

web: http://myspace.com/robertchharvey/

Robyn & Ryleigh

web: http://www.robynandryleigh.com/

Sam Fordy

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCknIR0e9NrydjK-SDVPgq_Q

Shannon Lee & Colin Rankin


Tessa Mouzourakis

web: http://www.tessaofficial.com/

Trent Olver

web: http://www.reverbnation.com/trentolver