The BC Songwriters’ Showcase Association is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization.

Our Board Members* are:

LaRaine (BC Songwriters' MC & Talent Booker) welcoming the Open Mic performers -


Earl Travis Taylor, performing at the BC Songwriters' Open Mic

LaRaine VanderZalm
President, Showcase MC
& Talent Booker

Earl Travis Taylor

Bob Gray - Performing at the BC Songwriters Open Mic

Bob (the Sound Guy) Batyi - accompanying performers at the BC Songwriters' Open Mic — Bruce Kilby - BC Songwriters' Director at Large -

Bob Gray
Treasurer & Picture Guy

Bob Batyi
Sound Guy & Director at Large

Bruce Kilby
Director at Large

Rob Flanders
Director at Large

The primary purpose of the BC Songwriters’ Showcase Association is to provide a venue where songwriters can demonstrate and showcase their original works.

We also wish to foster the growth, knowledge and skill of songwriters, and develop opportunities with others in the industry.Bob the Sound Guy - Quote -

* Board Members being a fancy way of saying: The volunteers