The BC Songwriters’ Showcase Association is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization.

Our Board Members* are:

LaRaine (BC Songwriters' MC & Talent Booker) welcoming the Open Mic performers -


Earl Travis Taylor, performing at the BC Songwriters' Open Mic

LaRaine VanderZalm
President, Showcase MC
& Talent Booker

Earl Travis Taylor

(Is it ironic, we
don’t have a picture of
the guy who takes pictures?)

Bob (the Sound Guy) Batyi - accompanying performers at the BC Songwriters' Open Mic — Bruce Kilby - BC Songwriters' Director at Large -

Bob Gray
Treasurer & Picture Guy

Bob Batyi
Sound Guy & Director at Large

Bruce Kilby
Director at Large

Rob Flanders
Director at Large

The primary purpose of the BC Songwriters’ Showcase Association is to provide a venue where songwriters can demonstrate and showcase their original works.

We also wish to foster the growth, knowledge and skill of songwriters, and develop opportunities with others in the industry.

* Board Members being a fancy way of saying: The volunteers